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Destination Health, as the name suggests, is home to all things essential to work your way to good health and a happy life. Set up in 1999, the idea was inspired by the increasing interest in fitness and wellness seen among people. Destination Health made it easier by providing quality fitness equipment for your home and gym.

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A growing demand for world class facilities encouraged DH to move into imports in the year 2001. In the past decade or more, DH has expanded its profile from a fitness-specific store for one that deals with Leisure equipment, Play Area equipment and Gaming equipment. Changes in lifestyle and the concept of apartment/gated community living has brought a significant change in the desires and demands of people. DH understands this and caters to these needs—be it setting up indoor or outdoor play area for kids with child-friendly equipment from internationally-approved brands, or installing leisure facilities like hot tub or sauna, or setting up a game room for family & friends.

Over the years, we have earned the trust and loyalty of our customers, and this continues to be our motivation to deliver the best, each time. The team at DH understand and studies the global market, and brings only the best products to India. We take care of everything from installation to maintenance.

We understand that a little extra care can go a long way in ensuring a healthy, happy life!

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Destination Health (DH) was set up in Kochi during the latter part of 1999 when healthcare equipment industry in India was still very much in its nascent stage. During the initial stages, Destination Health undertook a comprehensive market research exercise with regards to healthcare and fitness equipment in India, and based on the positive feed back received from market DH eventually commenced importing in 2001.

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